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Call 1-800-358-6389 By now, you’ve developed your career, you have some experience under your belt and you are steadily climbing the corporate ladder. Well, don’t stop now!

In a recent study by The TRACOM Group, nearly 85 percent of executives surveyed have observed a fellow leader fail or falter due to poor people communication skills. Many managers believe it is important to keep a constant communication line between them and their staff, but they simply don’t have the business communication skills required for leadership management. As a manager, you not only need communication skills and leadership skills, you need the ability to maintain good relationships with a variety of people, with different cultures, generations, business styles, responsibilities, fears, etc. Then you need to give them the right leadership management to work effectively and efficiently together and share accountability with each other. All of this should be considered more of an art form than a skill. Imagine doing all this…with confidence!

Another important skill that managers lack is how to manage conflict correctly and efficiently resulting in a waste of time and money. On average, almost half a manager’s time is spent resolving interpersonal friction, communication conflict and refusals to collaborate – all serious problems that prevent a company from being productive. The better you are at interpersonal conflict management and communication skills as well as your own time management, the quicker you can solve your staff’s issues and the more productive everyone will be.

Moving into management and leadership requires a lot of tact, patience and professionalism. Responsibilities such as planning and managing a project, leading your team and conducting important meetings can be overbearing for any professional. With the right communication skills and management training, you will possess the confidence and leadership management skills you need to succeed and excel as a manager and you’ll bring out the best in your staff as well.

For many people, regardless of their career level, one of the scariest tasks at work is giving a presentation. Some experience sweaty palms, raspy voice, even stage fright, when forced into public speaking. Get rid of your fears and gain confidence in your presentation skills by learning presentation techniques to capture your audience with the right interpersonal communication approach in order to relieve some of the pressures of presentation.

The following CBT Direct online courses are dedicated to helping you advance in your career, and more specifically, to take your career successfully to the next level as a manager. Subjects include business management training, etiquette in meetings, conducting reviews, leadership training, teaching accountability, communication skills, public speaking, presentation skills and troubleshooting project management. In addition, CBT Direct has put together online course simulations specific to these skills to apply and practice what you learn.

Without these skills, advancing in your career would be like trying to climb the corporate ladder without any steps. Get the management training and communication skills you need to be successful with CBT Direct’s online courses.

Project Management for non-Project Managers – CBT Direct shows you how to identify the steps of initiating and defining your project and selecting your team effectively to get your project off to the right start.

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