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Call 1-800-358-6389 Whether you’re a first time job hunter or looking to move up the corporate ladder, there are business communication skills and time management skills that can help you develop your career and achieve your goals.

Surveys show that many employees consider their interpersonal communication skills to be way above average, but their co-workers see it as the most important thing they need to work on. You may think you have good interpersonal communication skills but the only way you’d be in a position to judge your skill is if you were talking to yourself! They’re called interpersonal communication skills (meaning the communication “between” or “among” individuals), not inner-personal!

Communication skills are one of the most important skills you can learn and practice. How well you communicate affects how well you work with others, what kind of results you achieve and how well you can communicate ideas to your superiors. It also affects your customer service ability, your negotiation skills and even your time management skills. Ultimately, your degree of success comes down to your business communication skills. If you can’t speak effectively, your chances are weak!

How well you listen is just as important as how well you talk when it comes to business communication skills and time management in the workplace. So, how well do YOU listen to others? Many people “hear” what someone is saying (perhaps only “selectively”), but “activelistening takes comprehension and the ability to participate in the conversation effectively. This means that if your response to a co-worker has been “Huh?”, it wouldn’t hurt to improve your listening skills by taking an effective listening course with CBT Direct.

Having good business communication skills also includes being able to incorporate it on paper. Writing skills are learned and rarely come “naturally” to anyone. People of all ages and all career levels confuse words like “their”, “they’re” and “there” or “your” and “you’re”. The truth is that we could all use a little refresher course in basic writing skills such as spelling, grammar and sentence structure. And in order to be successful and respected in the workplace, learning key writing skills like writing with intention, creating crisp composition and writing to reach your audience are a must.

If you’ve worked in customer service, you know what a challenge it is to deal with the public. When a customer becomes irate, do you know the best way to calm them down and get them to come back? With CBT Direct’s customer service training, you’ll learn how to build customer loyalty and overcome conflict and confrontation. Become an expert in understanding your customer in order to ensure future growth and repeat business in our comprehensive customer service training course.

With these CBT Direct online courses, you will learn to master interpersonal communication skills, effective listening skills and conflict management skills, as well as leadership communication skills, customer service training, writing skills, basic math skills and balancing your life. In addition, CBT Direct has put together a customer service training simulation as well as other online courses specific to these skills, so that you can apply and practice what you learn.

Developing your career by improving your business communication skills and other skills ensures that you have a brighter future. You can depend on CBT Direct’s online courses for your career development!

Basic Business Math Skills – CBT Direct will help you excel at solving equations, tracking profitability or costs, figuring out your budget and the basic math skills of working with percentages, ratios, graphs, etc.

Business Writing Skills – These online courses cover the entire process of successful writing skills, from choosing the proper format for your message and how to avoid common grammatical errors to grammar fundamentals, writing mechanics and methodical processes.

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